The Most Beautiful Café in Birmingham

Papas' Quarter, taking you back to the 18th century with its frescoed and mirrored interior. In the present it stands as a living museum.

We Loyalty
Every 10th Cup Free!

Every Corner is Historical

The décor is all about mirrors, romantic paintings, gilt, wood, marble, and period furnishings, lending a unique charm that make up the interior.

Divine Coffee

The perfect espresso from our honourable coffee machine.

About Coffee
French Pâtisserie

When the gods and goddesses of pastries and desserts came down to earth, they settled down in France. With their glorious blinding presence and golden spoons and ladles, they taught the locals how to make fluffy meringues and mousses, luscious cakes, and divine crème brûlées. The result has reached exclusively Papas' Quarter in Birmingham.

Making Things Better

Do you like coffee? Do you like cake?
Talk about the perfect combo of good things in life!