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We were born in the wise Jewellery Quarter, for the sake of coffee. Here comes the beginning of a multi-faceted and impressionable future of "Papas' Quarter". With us you begin to understand the sense of coffee. We pass the artistic charm of coffee in a beautiful formula.

We are one of the wonders of the world, where you enjoy the divine flavour of coffee. Coffee market is changing but the hint of our coffee is eternal. The depth of our quality is an ultimate truth available only to our current and future customers.

King of Coffee - Papas' Quarter


Our M100 is the project which Cimbali dedicates to its exciting journey through history, technology, design, and innovation of the espresso coffee world. More than a machine: it’s a love letter to espresso and its connoisseurs, the fruit of a 100-year long love affair.


Our furniture at Papa's Quarter is early 20th century style with an eclectic feel to it, and has elements of Georgian, Medieval and Tudor style. Light, airy, and simplicity of detail are key principles to Papa's Quarter.